Weekly Cleaning Schedule

I recently decided I needed a different approach and method to cleaning our home. I have always kept our home tidy and organized, however the actual cleaning part felt like such a process. My old method was to clean the entire house within 1-2 days every couple weeks, and it honestly was extremely overwhelming. I felt like I had to get everything done in my son’s nap window, and the overall task was just too much.

Since my son is on a regular schedule, I decided I was going to split up the cleaning chores and focus on one area per day. It takes me anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the rooms, and I have enjoyed it SO much more. There is something about completing a task and checking it off. I love having a visual to keep me accountable and it has helped it be a little less dreadful.

I decided to print my schedule and put in in a laminate sleeve so I can reuse it every week! I wanted to share my current routine in case you are wanting to “zone” your house or change up your cleaning routine!

Weekly Cleaning


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