What My Husband Eats In A Day

Recently, I shared a post on my husbands weight loss journey and received such a positive response. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and support. If you didn’t get a chance to read about his success, check it out here…Weight Loss: Changes & Tips

I had many questions regarding what he eats. I thought I would share what a  typical day of eating looks like for him. Of course, if we have any special events we do not stress about food. We continue our routine after and press on! We are not perfect in any way and really strive to maintain balance as well as stay realistic when it comes to nutrition.

I hope you enjoy!

Breakfast: Smoothie & Bar


(frozen fruit, spinach, milk, flax seed, protein powder)

Morning Snack: Carrots & Apple


Lunch: Salad

Food 2

Snack: Pickles & Tomato (this changes)

Food 5

Dinner: Anything we are feeling! Check out our Instagram for meal inspiration Bridwell_Wellness!

We enjoy cooking and eating as a family, so we make anything that sounds good to us!


Sweet Treat: Protein Cookie (this changes)


Other: Morning Coffee (black with a spoon of sugar), Water,  Zevia!





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