Shared Responsibilities With My Spouse

As I was cleaning up after dinner the other night, I started thinking about chores or responsibilities my husband and I naturally alternate. I personally appreciate our routines and systems because it allows us both to get “breaks”, which is always nice. I know every family dynamic is so different, however I thought I would share a few ideas and things that work for us! I would love to know anything that works for you!

1.Bath Time

If you have children, you know bed time routines can take a good chunk out of your night. We started alternating bath time once our youngest son could join our oldest. We alternate each night with bathing, pajamas, snack, etc. It is so nice to have some down time on the off nights and just a minute to relax or get other things done.

2.Weekend Mornings

Once I am done breastfeeding, my husband and I will go back to our weekend morning routine. We like to alternate Saturday and Sunday mornings with getting up with the kids while the other person sleeps in/ relaxes. It is so nice to have a slow morning and I am so looking forward to doing that again!

3.Dinner & Dishes

My husband and I both enjoy cooking, so we typically alternate meals throughout the week. We like to share dinner responsibility by cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes if it wasn’t our night to cook!

4.Inside/Outside Chores

My husband and I have gotten into our groove of outside and inside chores. I prefer to take care of the inside, while I leave the outside to him. Of course, if either of us need help we are willing to do what we can! You can check out more on inside chores here: Cleaning Schedule

As always, sending light and love.




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