Birth Story: Induction #2

We recently welcomed our second son into this world and have been overjoyed since. Even though I was hoping to experience a natural labor this time around, I ended up being induced like I was with our first. You can check out that birth story here: Birth Story: First Son. I thought I would share another induction experience for those who may be intimidated by it. We honestly had the best experience from the time we checked in until the time we left. It truly exceeded our expectations with a new city/hospital, and we are beyond grateful.

Induction Day

My doctor decided to schedule an induction date for 40 weeks at my 38 week appointment. He gave me the option of waiting longer, however our son was already measuring big with each appointment, and I was comfortable with the idea of induction since that had been my only experience. I was 3cm dilated at weeks 38 and 39 which was so great and exciting compared to the first time around. At week 39 we decided to strip my membranes, which was a little uncomfortable, but honestly so fast and painless. It did cause me to have contractions over the next couple days, but nothing consistent. We had our induction scheduled for 2 days later so we just waited and prepared for all of that.

My in laws were able to drive in the night before induction to watch our toddler, so it actually worked out great with him being immediately taken care of and less stress for us. We went into the hospital at 9:30am Monday morning and checked into the front desk. With induction, your doctor sends over your information so there is minimal paperwork or information they need, which is great! You are assigned a nurse or two to take care of you the entire time of their shift, so our nurse walked us to the the delivery room and got us situated. I was given my gown to change into, urine sample cup, and a few forms to sign within the first few minutes of being there.

Once the housekeeping stuff was complete, I had my IV inserted to draw blood and start fluids. I was also connected to the contraction monitor, baby heart rate monitor, blood pressure reader, and pulse reader. You definitely are hooked up to a ton of things! Once our nurse had that going we went through the health questions, COVID test, and dilation check. I was around 3.5-4 so that was a great start before the Pitocin was hooked up! They started the Pitocin around 11am and would come increase the dose every 30 minutes or so. At that point I was having contractions, but all manageable and very similar to what I had experienced at home.

Around 1pm my doctor came to check me and I was still hanging around a 4 so he broke my water. With our first son, this is what really increased my contractions and sped up the process! After my water broke my contractions definitely amped up a few levels. I went ahead and ordered an epidural because it can take awhile depending how busy the anesthesiologist is that day. He was surprisingly able to come immediately, so he came around 1:30 to get all of that hooked up and was amazing. We absolutely loved him! I had to lay flat on my back the next 30 minutes for the medicine to kick in and then could sit or lay however I wanted. With both of my epidurals, I have had full movement in my legs/feet, they just felt heavy and asleep. Everything in the midsection was numb though and I could sit back and relax/hang out with my husband.

My nurse came and inserted my catheter/bag around 2pm and was in and out checking in on us after that. About an hour or so after the epidural, I kept telling my husband I thought I was feeling my catheter which was strange because I couldn’t feel any contractions. I was definitely feeling something and kept having pressure, so I mentioned it to the nurse and they decided to go ahead and check me not really expecting anything at that point.

After our nurse checked me she said she wanted to get another opinion before she said anything. I asked how far along I was and she said she thought I was ready to push. We were shocked and not expecting it to be so soon since the last time I was checked I was at a 4. Our second nurse came in and confirmed I was ready and I was feeling pressure from his head. They called my doctor and starting preparing the room. A few other nurses also came in to help with the actual birth.

The next 15-20 minutes were a complete blur and felt like the twilight zone. Once my doctor was ready he had me lift my legs and start pushing immediately. We went through 3 contractions (around 3 minutes) and then our son was on my stomach in this world. It was such a surreal experience, my husband and I couldn’t quite process for awhile. The next hour consisted of checking on our son (8 pounds, 1 ounce), nursing, skin to skin and just being together.

It truly was such a great day and moment for me and my husband, I will never forget it! Stay tuned for recovery and first week post partum!

As always, sending light and love.




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