Room Vision Board Tips

My husband and I are starting to upgrade our home decor and furniture after six years of saying we are going to do it. It has been one of those things we just put off for no real reason. Both of us are not big spenders, so we will literally talk ourselves out of anything or agree that it can wait. We have finally come up with a game plan, and it feels so good to actually be doing it!

Since my husband has to see the “big picture” of a room to understand the vision and overall feel, I decided to create room boards for each space. This has been a game changer with us deciding on what we want. I thought I would share some tips if you are thinking of changing a space or a room.

I would love to know any of your tips!

1.Decide On Overall Style

Before you start purchasing items decide what style or feel you want for the space. My husband and I decided on a lot of mixed materials and textures with neutral colors throughout the main spaces of our home (blacks, browns, creams). We also like some industrial and farm house pieces so it helped talking about what we wanted and what we wanted it to look like.

2. Create A Picture Board

Once you know the style, vibe, or aesthetic you are going for find as many pictures you can of what you are wanting. Try to get as close as possible to the exact pieces of furniture you are wanting so you can get a feel of everything together as a whole as well as know the prices. This is such a game changer seeing everything together!

3.Make Note Of Prices

Once you know what new items you will be purchasing, research the prices for the exact pieces you are wanting. You can write the prices directly on your vision board and cross off as you go to have a visual. If you are changing any furniture (painting/reupolstering) write the prices for those as well. This will give you a total estimate for the space.

4. Prioritize Spending

Once you can see the big picture of a space and know how much the space will be, you can prioritize your spending. Decide what pieces you are purchasing first and come up with a plan together depending on cost and personal finances.

5.Have Fun

My husband and I are taking this time to create a space together and it has been so much fun!

Kitchen Board

Are you working on any home spaces? I would love to know!




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