Unproductive Nap Times

The other day I was laying down when my son was napping and felt a little guilty about taking that time to rest when he was. As a stay at home mom, there is always something to do or that can be done during that precious quiet/alone time. I typically like to use that time to workout, eat lunch, and finish any “to-dos” since I teach in the morning before he wakes up. I am very task oriented, so my mind tends to go from one thing to the next. However, some days that early wake up (or life) gets the best of me, and my body just needs to be still and rest.

I have come to learn that it is OKAY to have an unproductive nap time. It is OKAY to lay down and rest. It is OKAY if some chores are left undone or a workout has to be completed later on in the day. I am needed all day every day with no “check out” time, and I have to remember that my health is important and valuable. Yes, a physical workout is good for my health and I can push through some days, but my mental and spiritual health are just as important. I am learning to not neglect those areas because they truly drive everything I do.

I feel like our society has created this “busy” culture that we feel we have to live by. If you ask someone how they are doing I guarantee you “busy” will be part of the response. Don’t get me wrong, being busy isn’t a bad thing…until we place value on it. I think it is just as important to not be busy. Slowing down and focusing on what matters can be eye opening. There is so much beauty in the stillness, which can be easily overlooked. I am now welcoming those unproductive nap times with open arms. I am appreciating the quiet moments and I am slowly striving to not be driven by “to-dos”.  I am listening to what my body needs and acknowledging it.


Have you had a quiet moment today? If not I challenge you to find a few minutes to just be!







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