Newborn Wellness Checks: What To Expect (Months 0-2)

I recently had my son’s two month appointment and it had me thinking about how thankful I was to already know what to expect. I personally feel like I was caught off guard multiple times with my first pregnancy and son when it came to appointments. Knowing what to expect truly helps me so much. My boys have both had very similar appointments and care which is great since we have been in two different cities. I figured I would start sharing what to expect with newborn wellness checks for the first year! You can also check out more info on my IGTV or Youtube.

Wellness Check #1: First 3-5 Days

I have had two different experiences with this. Our pediatrician visited our older son in the hospital for his initial wellness check, while our younger son went into the pediatrician around day 3. They will basically do a standard physical or wellness exam, discuss feeding, and answer any questions you have.

Wellness Check #2: Two Weeks

I went in at two weeks for both of my boys to once again do a standard physical exam but to also check to make sure there was sufficient weight gain and the umbilical/circumcision areas looked good. With our older son they also did the heel prick for the second round of blood work, however with our younger son I had to take him back to the hospital. This was also the appointment where I got the go ahead to let the boys sleep as much as they wanted to at night instead of waking them every 3 hours.

Wellness Check #3: One Month

Once again your baby will complete a standard physical where they will assess everything and check in with feedings, sleep, and questions. Each checkup they will also chart and graph growth for weight, height, and head circumference. I was given information about vaccines and the schedule with our younger son, which I really appreciated. They will also check in on insurance or discuss how you plan to pay for visits. Most doctors will also tell you what to focus on before the next appointment. For example, ours suggested 1-2 hours of tummy time a day broken up into 5-10 minute chunks.

Wellness Check #4: Two Months

Once again your baby will complete a physical wellness check. Prior to the appointment (online or in office) you will most likely fill out a survey covering developmental questions. For example, “does your baby grab your finger?”. You will also complete a personal survey regarding your mental health and feelings toward your child. If there is anything concerning from either, the pediatrician will discuss those topics. They will also discuss growth, feeding, sleep, etc and any questions or concerns you may have. Your baby will also receive three vaccines at the end of the appointment (with the nurse) as well as an oral medicine for their stomach. We were given a Tylenol and Motrin dosage chart with our younger son, but not our older so I would definitely ask for one in case Tylenol is needed (Motrin can be at 6 months). The doctor will also discuss goals for the next appointment (4 months). You will most likely be given a monthly sheet at each appointment covering feedings, sleep, safety, etc which is great!




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