Pregnancy Series: Initial Signs & First Trimester

A friend of mine recently suggested sharing my experience with pregnancy and I thought that was a great idea. I always love hearing about personal experiences, because every journey and story is so unique, especially when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and recovery! No matter how many books you read, classes you take or parents you seek advice from, your experience will be yours and yours alone. I thought I would start a series sharing the different stages and what I experienced or remember from each!

Our son came to us as a huge surprise. We weren’t “planning” on starting a family until our early 30s, however God had something else in mind (thank goodness). Finding out was a roller coaster of emotions. I had missed my cycle the month of April 2017  but didn’t think too much into it. I decided to take a test because we were leaving for my cousins wedding at the end of the month. The first test I took had the fainest (and I mean barely there) second line. I thought I was seeing things, so I went out and bought a digital test, which automatically read “not pregnant”.  I chalked it up to stress and exercise and went on with our vacation.

A few days later, I knew in my gut something was off. I am going to be completely honest and say my biggest sign was breast pain. It was like nothing I had experienced before. I woke up that following Tuesday (less than a week) and decided to take the extra tests for peace of mind. I took the first one at five in the morning before getting ready for work. The 2 pink lines appeared immediately and I went into panic mode. I scrambled to get the digital test before waking up my husband to be certain (even though I knew). And there it was again starting directly at me…”pregnant”.

The following weeks we were basically in a state of shock. We had always wanted to be parents, we just didn’t feel “ready” at that time. Although we were filled with nerves, we were extremely grateful and excited for this gift we had been given. I know so many women would do anything for a precious child, and my heart sincerely goes out to you each and every day.


First Trimester

My first trimester basically felt as if I were in a permanent hangover (yippee). I was constantly exhausted, and would nap every day after work until 4-430ish. I wanted “hearty” foods like bread, red meat and anything salty. Vegetables sounded absolutely disgusting. Thinking of coffee made me feel sick, and I constantly had to carry around crackers just in case.  I only got sick one morning (thank goodness), but that feeling was always there.

I somehow managed to continue my workout routine. I attribute that to being on a program with a schedule and already having that habit in place. It was such a part of my daily routine and I knew it would help (which it really did). Some days were better than others, but I really made an effort to continue to make that a priority throughout my entire pregnancy. I also forced myself to eat vegetables that didn’t make me gag, just to get nutrients in my body. I continued drinking the same amount of water and maintained those set routines/habits. I had to really rely on my mentality and the power of my thoughts during those first couple of months to prioritize my health and wellness.

During your first trimester you schedule an appointment where they do an initial ultrasound, wellness check, and confirm that you are indeed pregnant. I went around 8 weeks where they were able to do an ultrasound on my stomach. If you go earlier, they may have to do one internally (just a heads up).  This is the appointment where you can talk to the doctor about anything and everything. They are seriously there for YOU and no question is silly or uncomfortable for them! My doctor also went over the general schedule of appointments and what to expect if everything went smoothly.  You will also (most likely) go over your insurance and payment plan prior to visiting with the doctor (yay).

If you don’t have an OBGYN definitely talk to people in your area for recommendations (or online groups). I used a recommendation from a good friend and had the best experience!

Next series post will go into my second and third trimester experiences.  What are some things you remember from your first trimester or initial signs of pregnancy? I would love to know!


Baby 2

15 weeks












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