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With the current situation of our world, most of us are trying to find some type of new structure or routine for our families and children. Even though I stay home with my toddler son, I have had to restructure our days since we are not leaving the house until it is safe not only for us, but for others. Typically we leave the house at least once a day for play dates, activities, errands, lunches, etc so I have had to be more creative in what our new “normal” looks like.

Not everyone loves routines or schedules and that is perfectly okay! We all have to do what works best for us and our families, especially right now. I personally like to have some type of structure (with flexibility) with my son to keep me accountable. You can read why I value routines here: Why I Value Routines.

I thought I would share what our days are currently looking like and give suggestions/options for different ages. I will also note good times when you can get your own work done, complete house chores, or just have a second to be!

We are all doing the best we can and at the end of the day our children remember how we made them FEEL growing up. Take advantage of this time to connect, be attentive, play, laugh, talk, and love on your babies. Those are the things that truly matter and make a difference.

I would love to know what has been working for your family and what your days look like! 


Toddler Schedule (1)


  • We have a wake up clock so our son stays in his bed until 7:30. If you work from home, consider waking up a couple of hours before your kids to get some uninterrupted time. I teach for a couple hours before he starts his day which is nice. You can also use that time to get any chores done, workout, or just to have quiet time. I also recommend getting up before your kids during the work week to have a visual of their “school day” ready to go for them to reference that day.
  • Breakfast: I like to unload/load the dishes (we run it every night) and start any laundry for the day. Older kids can also make their own! You can use that time to talk about what you are doing that day like a “morning meeting”.
  • Independent Play: If you have older children you can have them look over their school work for the day (have a list of assignments/tasks and designated work space), get their space organized, and get themselves dressed. I typically watch the news and drink coffee during this time while our son plays!
  • Outside: If you have older children this can be a block of school time (or if weather is bad)
  • Read/Puzzles: I choose 3-4 of each to lay out and work on. This prevents him being overwhelmed and adds variety! This is also the time I read aloud and repeat the same book as many times as he wants:) If you have older children, this can be their independent reading time.
  • Lunch/Learning: If your children are older, have them help prepare lunch and clean up!
  • Quiet Time: If you implement quiet or rest time, enjoy that time to get what you need done! This can also be another chunk of school work if needed. This is when I typically workout and eat my own lunch/finish any around the house items OR relax!
  • Math: My two year old is currently practicing counting, number recognition, 1:1 matching, colors, shapes.
  • Craft/Sensory/Bible: I choose one to complete that day but try to make it hands on! With younger children you can use a sensory bin, kinetic sand, play dough, scavenger hunt, etc. This can also be “chore time”/”family responsibilities” for older children OR a life skill lesson (depending on age).
  • Outside: Use this time for ANY movement OR activity of choice.
  • Show: We get 1 hour of show or movie of choice which is so needed in the second half of the day! If you have multiple kids, alternate who chooses that day or allow different shows on personal devices. This is also a great time to do your own work!
  • Have a bedtime routine so your children aren’t staying up all night and you get a break at the end of the day! It is MUCH deserved!



Letter Lesson Example: Letter Lesson

There are SO many FREE resources right now, definitely take advantage of what you can! I also suggest implementing something your children LOVE to look forward to each day. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe!




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