Top Amazon Christmas Finds

I don’t know about you, but we basically use Amazon for everything! They truly make it so easy and convenient, it is hard not to use them. I have shared some of my favorite Amazon finds in different categories you can check out here: Amazon Toddler Finds, Amazon Hubby Finds, Amazon Clothing Finds, Amazon Health Finds.

Today I thought I would share some of our favorite items from Christmas. Our family utilizes a wish list, so our items are typically all from Amazon. Below are five items my husband, toddler, and I are currently loving!

What have been some of your favorite finds? I would love to know!

Husband Items

1.Battery Organizer (

2. 64 Ounce Water Bottle (

3. Saucony Socks (

4. Yeti Lunch Box (

5. Thermometer (

Toddler Items

1.Lego Creator Sets (

2.Frog Game (

3. Hot Wheel Color Shifters (

4. Write & Learn (

5.Play Dough Kits (

Personal Items

1.Water Tumbler (

2. Cardigan (

3.Bum Bum Cream (

4.Glass Smoothie Tumbler (

5. Outlander Book Series (

If you are curious items I personally asked for, feel free to check out the video below! Would love for you to subscribe!

Sending light and love!



*Links are affiliate links. If you choose to use them you are supporting me! I appreciate it so much!


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