5 Ways Your Spouse Can Support You During Labor & Delivery

I recently shared some things my husband and I have been discussing before our second son is welcomed into the world. You can check out that post here: Don’t Forget The Moms. I wanted to piggy back off that post and share some ways spouses can support their wives during the labor and delivery process. Of course each person and situation are different and personal preferences will vary among women. Your spouse is there to support you in whatever you need, and most likely they want to know they are doing something to help!

I would love to know what was most helpful from your spouse during labor!


If you have to fill out paperwork when arriving to the hospital, have your spouse complete as much as they can. You are going to be getting changed, hooked up to monitors, and getting an IV in immediately, so let them take care of that part! Also let them complete any new paperwork (with baby) and organized for you! I like bringing a folder for all of the new documents and information.

2.Updating Loved Ones

Unless you are induced and hanging out (with an epidural), the last thing on your mind is going to be to update family/loved ones. Let your spouse know who you want them to keep in the loop or updated beforehand and have them take care of all of that!


Once you are able to eat, let your spouse get you whatever you want! They are more than happy to go pick up a meal or snack you are wanting, especially after birth. Have them keep your water and belly full!

4.Diaper Changes

Once the baby arrives, gravity will NOT be your friend and constantly getting up and down can be difficult. Letting your spouse take care of the diaper changes, swaddles, and clothing is so helpful during those first couple days of recovery! I don’t think I changed one diaper in the hospital with our first!

5.Help With Moving Around

Depending on your delivery and personal situation, moving around may be a difficult task. Although it is good to get up and move your body, it can be a lot those first 24-48 hours. Allow your spouse to help you with whatever you need (even restroom). If you are more comfortable with a nurse helping, they are also more than willing and extremely helpful!

What were some things you ended up needing support in during that time? As always, sending light and love!




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