10 Things I No Longer Buy In My 30s

I have seen people share items they no longer purchase once they reach a certain age or stage in life and thought that was a really interesting concept. I began thinking about items I used to purchase, however no longer have an interest in. Some of them definitely have saved us money, which I am all about! I thought it would be fun to share ten items I no longer buy and the reasoning behind it.

If you currently purchase any these items, continue doing what makes YOU happy! We all have different things that appeal or don’t appeal to us depending on our lifestyle.

I would love to know anything you no longer buy!

1. Alcohol

A lot of money went to alcohol in our early and mid twenties, which just isn’t the case anymore. Don’t get my wrong, that stage was so much fun, however I spent a lot of money on nights “out”, which added up fast. We really stopped purchasing alcohol after my first pregnancy and nursing journey and realized that we are definitely social/occasional drinkers. Now it is a special occasion cost instead of a regular one!

2. Fast Food

I am sure many people spend money picking up food or have been through a season of constant fast food. With college/grad school being in our early twenties, we both ate more fast food than we would like to admit. Now we really only pick up fast food if we are traveling. Even then, I try to pack as much as I can for us to access. Eating out has become another special occasion and we really enjoy cooking our meals at home/meal planning, which is another huge money saver!

3. Extra Coffee

Picking up coffee or getting coffee feels like such a treat! I was all about the extra coffee in my twenties and would go every weekend to get something special. Although I love picking up coffee, boy does it add up! We rarely pick up coffee or purchase coffee anymore and truly enjoy making it at home. We even take tumblers on road trips to fill up and bring our own coffee in the car.

4. Energy Drinks

I definitely loved a good (no sugar) energy drink in my early twenties with school. I quickly learned I did not need them and they were extremely expensive. I probably haven’t purchased or had one in at least six years and don’t have any desire to.

5. Detox/Weight Loss Supplements & Products

I am sure many of us have fallen into the “weight loss” trap many times over the years or seasons. I know I am guilty and am so glad I have reached a place where those products no longer serve me. Pregnancy was a huge realization to focus and live from a health mindset, rather than a body/physical one. I am all about a sustainable and realistic lifestyle!

6.Body Wash

Body wash is something that is used so quickly and can be an expensive item. We realized bar soap is just as good (if not better), and stopped buying body wash altogether. I don’t think we will ever go back!

7. Excessive Makeup

I used to think I needed way more makeup than I would use on a daily basis. Although I did do my makeup a lot more, there was no reason to have so many products (especially if you look at the shelf life of each item). I now only purchase what I need and the products I actually use/love.

8. Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is another hygiene item that is used quickly and can be pricey. I realized conditioner was just as good and something I now prefer over shaving cream.

9. Accessories

Just like with makeup, I used to think I needed an abundance of accessories. The older I got the more I realized I would much rather have fewer pieces that are higher quality staples in my closet. I am a naturally simple person, so there was no reason for me to purchase an abundance of those items.

10. Heels

I don’t know if I will ever purchase heels again. I have my staple heels to use for special occasions, and that is about it. I am a sneaker gal, and prefer to be comfortable throughout the day!

As always, sending light and love!



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