Baby Products We Use At 4 Months

Our son will technically be 4 months at the beginning of September, however he is officially 16 weeks old tomorrow! I have shared a couple of videos over baby products we have used during the first few weeks, along with another post you can check out here: Baby Products We Used for 12 Weeks or Less. I thought I would share some items we are currently using! I would love to know some of your favorites!


Our son loves taking baths, and this is the one we currently use. I love being able to stand and give one on the kitchen counter so I am not hunched over the whole time. We will take out the sling when he is ready to sit up, and then he will join big bro! I also love using the Babyganics soap!


We have moved out of the bassinet (due to size) and have been sleeping in the crib for almost a month now, which has been great! Cribs, mattresses, and sheets are such a personal preference!

3.Nursing Supplies

I have shared an IGTV with the bottles and items I currently use which you can check out here. I feel like all of that is also personal preference, but items I enjoy include…

-Medela Pump & Parts

Hands Free Bra

Milk Storage Bags & Freezer Organizer

Dishwasher Basket

Dr Brown Bottles & Nipples

Dr Brown Bottle Warmer

I also have some nursing posts that you can check out here, Breastfeeding Lessons & Breastfeeding/Pumping With Baby 2

4.Activity Center

Our son is really starting to enjoy the activity center, and is a great opportunity for him to strengthen his neck and back muscles. This is the one we have used with both boys!


We use the bumbo on top of the kitchen counters while we are meal prepping, putting away dishes, etc. Our son loves to be able to see us and be part of the action! It is also great for early feedings!


We have loved using this rocker as a chair option! It reclines so they can lounge it in when they are smaller and becomes more upright to have them sit in when they get older. He loves sitting in this when we are eating dinner or while watching us do something!

Items that we still used that I have mentioned before (don’t want to overlap) include the car seat/stroller, portable noise machine, changing mat, diapers/wipes, burp cloths, play mat, sleep sacks, and carrier. I would love to know your go tos!

As always, sending light and love!




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