Find Your Fit: Orange Theory

I recently started a series that shares different fitness programs/trends and my overall thoughts. You can check out my first post here: Find Your Fit Series: Beach Body. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on Orange Theory Fitness after joining my sister for a few classes last weekend.

I have heard so many people hype up Orange Theory and honestly didn’t really know what to expect going into it. After taking classes, I understood why people loved it so much. I truly enjoyed the workouts and concept/structure of them. It is something different and challenging, which many people want for their personal workout routine. I will try to break it down as simply as possible!



Orange Theory is an inside athletic conditioning/interval training workout that is structured to be half cardio and half resistance training. You wear a heart rate monitor during the workout to track your heart rate zone, calories burned and “splat points” which is how many minutes you were in the hardest two zones (goal is 12 minutes or more to experience EPOC or “afterburn”). This is all individually based and structured based on your personal statistics (age, gender, etc). Your stats are shown on a screen real time so you can monitor your effort and exertion throughout the workout.

The cardio portion can consist of the treadmill and water rower depending on the format. I experienced treadmill only as well as both rower and treadmill (3 stations instead of 2). Studios also have a couple of ellipticals and bikes if the treadmills are too high impact for clients to take advantage of.  The strength area consists of TRX bands, medicine balls, bosus, and dumbbells.

When you arrive you will choose where you want to start (each machine/area is numbered so you go exactly where your card says). The instructor will coach where you need to be so you don’t have to worry about any of that. All of the workouts have a focus (endurance, strength, power, etc) so the cardio/strength is built on that. The coach will tell you exactly what each “block” or interval looks like and coach you throughout it all. You will find a “base pace” or speed on the treadmills and build your workout from there which is a win for everyone!

The coach will show each exercise in the strength portion, however all of the moves, reps, and demo will be on a separate screen for you to refer to, so there is no confusion or wasted time. After the workout you receive a report showing your stats and break down of everything. This is meant to help you progress and set goals for yourself or see improvement over time.


  • No gym contract (pay month to month)
  • APP to track your workouts, stats, and book classes (accessible)
  • Workout at any studio
  • Able to goal set and track your individual progress
  • Different workout each time within same structure/format
  • Real time stats during each workout
  • Community feel while reaching individual goals


  • Price
  • Purchase or rent heart rate monitor each time
  • Specific style (interval/athletic conditioning) if you like variety
  • Monthly classes do not carry over
  • Book in advance (many classes have a wait list)
  • Charged if cancel or no show on a class within a certain time window (because of the waitlists)


This varies depending on location so definitely ask after your first free class! You can pay a drop in rate (around $28), purchase a basic package (4 a month around $60), purchase an elite package (8 a month around $90), or unlimited package (around $160 a month).




Hope this gave some insight! I really did love it and had so much fun with my sister! What program or trend should I review next?





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