Baby #2 Thoughts: Recap After Birth

I shared a post on some thoughts that were circling my mind before our son arrived. You can check that out here: 10 Thoughts Before Baby #2. I thought I would share those thoughts and my reaction to them now that we have our son and I am 8 weeks postpartum. I would love to know if you had any surprises with siblings!

1.How will I love another child as much as my son?

My friend asked if my heart grew when our second son was born, and the best way I could describe it to her is that he always felt like part of our family. When they are born, it is like a puzzle piece that just fits. You will be able to love more than you thought possible.

2.Will our son be jealous or embrace brother and our new family dynamic? How will he be as a big brother?

Young children need time to adjust to their new normal. They may act out or do things for attention because it just takes some time. Just remember, children are amazing and extremely adaptable if we give them the opportunity. Love on them, give them attention, continue to make them feel special…they will surprise you in the best ways! And yes, he will be the best big brother!

3.Will I have enough energy (and patience) to devote to both boys all day every day…including nights.

Yes! Moms are seriously amazing. Continue to ask for help when you need it and be vocal with your spouse. They can’t read your mind!

4.How am I going to keep up with a toddler on little sleep?

Coffee and a full heart.

5.Will I have as much post partum anxiety this time around or be okay since I have a better understanding and perspective?

Second time around is SO MUCH BETTER. Knowing what to expect and having perspective is beyond helpful. You will be so joyful and grateful.

6.How am I going to make sure each boy feels super loved and special?

Let them know how special they are, praise older brother for helping and being a big boy, spend one on one time with each.

7.What’s our day to day going to become, especially needing more routine in those first few months?

You will just go with the flow the first couple months and not worry about a set routine which allows you to just embrace the season and boys.

8.How will the bond with my older son change since we do everything together?

You will still have the same bond, but now he will be your helper on almost everything!

9.Will I have another great experience breastfeeding or will that become a new challenge?

Breastfeeding has also been great but is definitely not the same experience as the first!

10.Will the birth and recovery be as relaxed as the first time around or more difficult?

Birth and recovery are seriously amazing! Could not have been more smooth and give all the glory to God!

As always, sending light and love!




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