Organizing Hacks: Paper Items

For those of you who know me well, you know I love to organize. As odd as it sounds, it truly brings me joy to live in a clear space. My family tries to live simply and not be cluttered with things. We clean out the entire house twice a year to really think about what we have and the importance of material items. If a space in our house is a disaster, I feel like it just weighs over me and I can’t be as productive or efficient in other areas as I want to be.

Since organizing is a hot topic right now, I thought it would be fun to share how I like to organize different things and areas in our home (especially with a child). We all have different systems and techniques that work for us, so I always think it is fun to get new ideas on how to do things! Of course, what works for one person may not work for another…

Today I want to share the least favorite…paper items. I feel like papers are the first things that get crammed in a junk drawer or pile up in a random area of the house. I decided a few years ago I was going to organize our important papers, documents and bills with binders and I have stuck to it since then.

Each member of the family as a binder with different sections, and I also keep a house one. I go through the binders once a year and shred anything that is no longer relevant or needed.

For the family members I keep things in the following sections:

  • Health (wellness reports, blood word, power of attorney, important bills, etc)
    • I added a “baby” section to mine with all pregnancy documents
  • Dental (treatments, bills)
  • Vision (wellness reports, bills, current prescriptions)
  • Car (title, any important papers or big maintenance)
  • Investments
  • Insurance (policies, important statements)
  • Taxes (current forms needed and yearly returns)

Our sons is a little different than ours so his is starting with “records, bills, information, investments”

For the home I keep the following sections:

  • Loan Information
  • Receipts (big purchases)
  • City Information (annual taxes, appraisals, etc..)
  • Contract
  • Additional

How do you like to keep all of your documents organized? I would love to know!




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