Baby Sprinkle

Last weekend my good friends hosted a sprinkle for me and another one of our friends who is due exactly a month after me! We had originally planned for the weekend of the ice storm, but Texas had other things in mind. After a year of COVID, it seems plans are such a hit or miss thing, which I am definitely ready to move past. Thankfully everyone was able to attend the following weekend (plus some) and it turned out great! It is such a strange time to host any type of celebration, so I am so grateful we got to do something small and special for our two littles entering the world.

I thought I would share some things to consider if you are trying to host or celebrate a milestone during these unusual times! I would love to know anything you have been able to celebrate this past year!

Mamas & Sweet Hosts

Keep It Small

Keeping things smaller and more intimidate is not a bad thing at all! It can be a nice change and still allows you to celebrate in a safer way!

Consider Outside

If you are able to have an event outside, I would definitely recommend it! I am so thankful my parents have a large back patio where we could stay the entire time! It made me personally feel a lot safer and more relaxed.

Be Understanding

Things probably won’t be completely “normal” for a while. Everyone has different comfort levels with things, so don’t take anything personally and be understanding of individual choices. Each person is navigating things in their own way that feels right for them!

Be Considerate Of Others

If you know you are attending an event, be considerate of what you are doing leading up, especially if anyone is higher risk!

Be Flexible

If there is one thing this year has taught us, it is to be flexible! Things can quickly change depending on specific situations and it is just part of our current reality.

I am so thankful to have seen my friends this year, even if it is a lot less than normal. With that being said, I am beyond ready for many girls weekends ahead and new memories together!

As always, sending light and love.




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