Top 3 Tips To Decluttering Your Space

I don’t know about you, but with each new year I get into a huge clean out mode where I want everything to feel fresh and clutter free. I actually enjoy going through everything and really thinking about if we need certain items or are keeping it “just incase”. It feels so good to simplify a space and keep the things you really need or use. We have also been in a huge declutter mode with our second son coming, so I feel like we have double motivation right now to clean out, simplify, and re-organize! I love starting the new year this way, and wanted to share some things that have worked for me over the years when tackling our entire house/items.

Do you like to clean out at the start of the year or is that a goal of yours? Feel free to also check out additional posts on cleaning here: Maintaining A Tidy Home & Cleaning Schedule . You can also check out my IGTV on zone cleaning and my current process here: Zone Cleaning.

1. Zone Your Home/Space

If you are wanting to do a huge clean out, definitely consider breaking up your home or space into sections or “zones”. This will help you not feel so overwhelmed and really give you a target area or place to focus on for the day, week, or month. There is no time limit on cleaning out so consider what is most realistic for you. For example, once you zone your home maybe you are going to tackle a space every other weekend, or once a month. It does not have to be a process that happens immediately!

2.Schedule Zones

Once you have a list of the areas you want to go through and declutter, schedule when you are going to tackle each space. Like I mentioned earlier, it does not have to be this big thing that happens over a weekend or in one week. Write down when you are planning to go through each space and treat it like it is an appointment with yourself! If you are needing help from other family members, make sure they know when you are planning to go through that space. Do it when you plan to do it!

3.Create Different Declutter Categories

Before you start cleaning out decide what you are wanting to do with the items you are no longer keeping. Are you planning to take things to the dump or throw away? Do you want to donate to places in your area? Are you wanting to keep certain items to sell online? Are there items you are planning to give to family/friends? Decide what categories things will go into once you start going through them to make necessary piles/groups.

Cleaning out may not be the most fun things to do, but it sure does feel good once it is done! Keep the end goal in mind and allow yourself to go through the process in whatever time frame you need. We are currently working on our attic/garage which feels like a space that is neglected 98% of the time. I would love to know if you have or plan to clean out this year!

Sending light and love!




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