Pregnancy Series: Second Trimester Recap

I started a pregnancy series to recap my experience with our son. You can find the first post here: Initial Signs & First Trimester. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on the second trimester. This trimester was honestly my favorite because I felt like myself again, but wasn’t uncomfortable (that comes later). It truly was a great 12 weeks!

A couple of weeks after my first trimester I started to regain energy and didn’t need to nap every day. I began to eat more of my “normal” foods and felt as if I had finally cured my hangover (thank goodness). I was slowly gaining weight (around 1-2 pounds a week), and was able to wear my regular clothes until the 22 (ish) week mark.

The best parts of the trimester were feeling the baby move, seeing them on the ultrasound, and finding out the gender! There really is nothing like it!

Prenatal Visits:

  • Every 4 weeks (fetal heart beat, urine sample, general check-up)
  • 2nd ultrasound where they look at everything on the baby and determine gender (around 30 minutes usually between 20-24 weeks)
  • One hour glucose test (usually around 24-28 weeks)

I still continued exercising and eating normally during this time, and felt completely like myself with a slow growing belly! I also started to make a list of items we needed (with other Mamma recommendations) and asked my doctor what classes to look into. For us the newborn class was the most beneficial because it covered labor, delivery, newborn care and included a tour of the hospital!

This is when I started purchasing maternity clothes. I liked looking at Target, Old Navy, Khols, and Motherhood Maternity. I was also gifted a lot of clothes from a good friend of mine, which helped a ton!

What were your second trimester experiences? I would love to know! Stay tuned for the third trimester recap, labor/delivery, and recovery/postpartum!


End of second trimester




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