Favorite Toddler Books

I recently started a toddler series on my You Tube channel where I am sharing lesson ideas, early literacy, and activities to do at home (Jaclyn Bridwell). As a former elementary teacher (first grade) and current ESL (English as a second language) teacher, I am passionate about early literacy and early education. I truly believe we (parents) can build such a strong foundation of learning in the home while creating a positive support system for our children as they progress in their education.

I shared a video of why reading is so important for young children and how it promotes early literacy. Feel free to watch below.

I thought I would piggie back off of this video by sharing some of my favorite toddler books and why I love them. As I have mentioned my son will be 2.5 at the June for reference.

I would love to know some of your favorites or any books your toddler is loving right now!

1.Finger Puppets

My son loved these books when he was a little younger! They are short, simple, and interactive with the puppet. They are also a good choice if your child’s attention span is shorter.


2.First Words

These are great books when your child is starting to  build their vocabulary! These were another favorite when he was a little younger because he could independently go through the books and name different objects or find the objects I read to him.


3.Sandra Boynton

Any of her books are great for younger children. They all have a nice cadence to them and are fun to read. He has memorized a few and still loves reading any of her books!


4.Gerald & Piggie (Mo Willems)

These were a favorite in my first grade classroom, and have become a favorite at home. They are extremely simple and silly (adventures of a pig and elephant). All books are dialogue (speech bubbles) where you can inflect and change your voice. He has loved them all!



This was another series I had for my beginner readers in first grade. They are simple stories that are easy to follow along.


6.Dr. Suess 

I am sure many toddlers love these books because of the rhythmn and rhyme throughout. We tend to stick to the shorter ones (or board books) because some can be too long and over the top for him at this stage. He thinks they are silly and fun to read!

dr suess


Interactive books are great to experience together. There are so many great ones from auditory (pop books), texture, pop-up/flaps, etc. It makes it engaging to them, especially if they are wiggly!



We love any books that have a good rhythm to them or rhyme throughout. They are easy and pleasing to listen to and follow along. Here are some of our favorites!


9.Personal Interests

My son loves anything that has to do with vehicles or Sesame Street. They will definitely be excited to read books about things they are currently interested in!


10. Classics

We have loved all of the classic toddler/early education books and they continue to be favorites!


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