Buying In Bulk

Yesterday we made our monthly Costco run, and I thought it would be fun to share what we enjoy buying in bulk. We are not ones to buy anything and everything because of my need for organization and as little clutter as possible. I like everything to have a place, and not be thrown somewhere random.  Personally, buying everything in bulk overwhelms me, so I thought I would share our top ten items!

  1. Paper Towels & Toilet Paper
  2. Trash Bags
  3. Laundry Detergent
  4. Foil (we use a lot grilling/smoking)
  5. Meat (cut and freeze)
  6. Trail Mix (portion out into snack bags)
  7. Granola/Protein Bars
  8. Frozen Fruit (our whole family has a smoothie almost every day)
  9. Apples (or any fruit/veggie your family eats daily to prevent them going bad…also use for applesauce)
  10. Coffee

As you can see we like to stick to the staples and will sometimes grab other items that catch our eye. We do not like being wasteful with any food items so we try hard to prevent that from happening.

What are your favorite things to buy in bulk?





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