Christmas Gift Series 2019: Me

I have shared what my husband and toddler will be receiving for Christmas this year. You can check the posts out here: Christmas Gift Series 2019: HusbandChristmas Gift Series 2019: Toddler. Today I wanted to share what is on my list! For the most part my husband and I both know the items we will be getting each other since they stay within the same categories each year. We also keep an Amazon family wish list to make it easy if we need additional ideas (also nice to share with family members).

What are some things on your list this year? I would love to know!


Something To Wear

  • Replace any requested undergarments (socks, sports bras, pj’s, etc.)

Something To Read

  • I like to keep a few book options on our wish list. I am excited to start reading Hands Free Mama by Rachel Stafford!

Something Needed

  • I always ask for a new calendar. I love paper/pen!
  • This year I also asked for a mindset calendar created by my good friend. Check it out here: Mindset Calendar
  • Eyelash Curler

*I also will request any hygiene items that I need to restock (skin, hair, makeup, etc..)

Something Wanted

  • Computer (my current HP is around 6 years and is ready for an upgrade)

Something Thoughtful 

  • I usually do not know this item or gift that my husband purchases solo. My son chose my ornament this year which was very sweet!


Christmas Jac





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