Breastfeeding & Pumping With Baby 2

I shared a post going over what I learned while nursing our older son that you can check out here: Breastfeeding Lessons. I thought I would circle back to that post and see if I had anything to add while I am currently nursing our younger son. I also wanted to note any similarities or differences between our two boys and my personal experiences with each. I would love to know anything you learned during your nursing/pumping journey if you chose that route!


I still think this is still super important to take advantage of if you need help. Even though I exclusively nursed our older son and was comfortable with it the second time around, I still met with lactation consultants in the hospital and had them available at the pediatrician’s office if needed. I quickly learned our boys were very different with nursing when it came to preferences and styles. My body also responded a little differently the second time around (engorgement and clogged ducts). I share more on that here. Every baby is so different and it truly is all about figuring them out!

2.Talk To Moms

Once again I still think this is extremely important and beneficial. Having friends to confide in about a personal topic can be such a relief and help you feel like you aren’t alone. I like to be as upfront and honest with my friends when it comes to anything mom related because I feel like things aren’t talked about or normalized enough. Your journey and experience is going to be different from someone else which is totally okay and normal. Even with my same body, the two experiences have been different!

3.Find What Works For You

I am a huge advocate of doing what is best for YOU and BABY. There is no right way to do things and you have to figure out what works best for your family. Both our boys love to nurse however our older son would nurse 15ish minutes each side while our younger only does 5ish. Our younger son also falls asleep easily so I have to do his diaper changes in between sides to wake him up, unlike our older. It takes time and is a learning process for you and baby!

4.Take Advantage Of Pumping

I still think pumping is a great tool to have while nursing to give you some freedom, flexibility and help! Once again I am a huge advocate of figuring out what works best for your body and baby. I personally did not start pumping until 6ish weeks when our boys started sleeping longer stretches at night. I chose to then nurse one side and pump the other to collect a bottle a day for a freezer stash. This is what I personally like to do so I am not scheduling in additional “feeding” times.

5.Take Care Of You

This is SO important no matter what stage you are at! Listen to your body, love on it and give it what it needs!

At the end of the day a fed baby is all that matters! Stay tuned on my YouTube for my top 10 nursing/pumping items! As always, sending light and love!




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