Being Productive At Home

Even though we are 40+ days in with staying home, I feel like it can still be difficult at times to find a groove in maintaining productivity (especially during these circumstances). Although I am used to staying home with my son, it is definitely a different experience and challenge not being able to do our normal activities. I have had many mental check-ins and reflections to maintain a joyful attitude throughout this time while feeling productive in specific areas.

Today I wanted to share ways I stay productive in our home. I know each person and situation is extremely different, however hopefully some of these tips can work for you. I would love to know anything you do to stay on track!


1.Map It Out

This depends how you like to think about things, but I think it is so helpful to chunk out  tasks and then break it up from there into smaller goals.  I like to do a monthly “brain dump” where I will write down everything I want to accomplish that month. From there I map out weeks, and then create daily goals. It helps to not feel overwhelmed and to make things realistic. This can be done with your children’s school work as well as work projects.

2. Create Realistic Expectations

Once you map out your jobs/tasks, create realistic expectations for yourself in the day to day. The worst thing to do is create an unrealistic list where you are stressed, overwhelmed, or feel like you failed/won’t catch up.

3.Have A Calendar/Tracking System

Writing things down is so powerful and keeps you accountable and on track. I like to keep a large desk calendar where I can cross/check things off each week, however each person works different. You can color coordinate a large calendar for different to-dos such as “work, school, personal, home” so it is visible on one system. Find some type of tracking system, and stick to it!

4. Write A Daily Non-Negotiable List

These are your top 2-3 items that you will choose to get done that day no matter what! It can be anything from working out to making your bed. Whatever is your highest priority, write it down and think of it as an appointment that can not be cancelled.

5.Make Your Bed

When you make your bed, you are starting your day accomplishing something. It sets the stage to continue accomplishing tasks and being productive.

6.Create A Routine

Having some type of routine at home can help with staying on track and being productive. When there is no routine or structure to the day there is no motivation or accountability to stay focused. This looks different for every family and every situation. Play around with different routines and see what works best!

7.Set An Alarm

It is amazing how much you can get done when you set an alarm and wake up before the rest of the house (especially kids). Having an hour to yourself to work, exercise, pray/meditate, or have alone time can be such a motivating force to continue a productive flow throughout the remainder of the day.


What are your go-tos to maintaining productivity at home?


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