5 Kitchen Items We Love

My husband and I both enjoy cooking. We typically alternate making meals throughout the week and enjoy trying new recipes, or finding dishes to add to our rotation/meal list. We maybe eat out once every month because we prefer to cook at home. I have shared some posts on how we like to plan our meals and our mindset around food. You can check those out here: Balanced Eating, Meal Planning Tips , No Diet Lifestyle, 5 Ways To Incorporate More Vegetables.

I thought I would share five kitchen items we love and constantly use. I would love to know some of your go to items or favorites!

1.Glass Storage

I don’t know about you, but we love having leftovers or things that are already prepped and ready to go. We absolutely love these containers with the snap lids and use them daily for various foods. I also love having different sizes and options.

2.Smoothie Blender

I have shared multiple times that our family loves smoothies, especially for a quick and easy breakfast option. We love this one because you can take the cup with you, and have a smaller option for kids. We truly use this every day.

3.Dutch Oven

We have had a Dutch oven for awhile now, however just started using it regularly. I broke the lid to our crock pot which encouraged me to use it. We actually prefer the flavor of the Dutch oven over the crockpot and are using it for everything now! It is amazing!

4.Coffee Maker Combo

My husband and I love coffee. There is just something about it, and has become a big part of our morning routine. We love having a machine with a pot and k cup option. We use the pot when it is just us, however we like catering to company with the k cups for tea, decaf, or hot chocolate.

5.Water Cup

If you know us, you know we are also huge water drinkers. My husband and I typically drink around 120 ounces a day, and our son brings his water everywhere with him. We all have water cups that we use daily! I like having the 40 and 50 ounce options for myself!

As always, sending light and love.



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