Maintaining A Tidy Home

I recently shared a post on how I am cleaning our home. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, check it out here: Cleaning Schedule! Since I keep our home organized and tidy on a daily basis, I found that cleaning every other week (with our schedule) worked best for me. As I was thinking about cleaning this upcoming week, I couldn’t help but think of the things I do to keep our home tidy.

If you have been to my house, you know I am extremely type A when it comes to organization. Even with a small child I strive to keep it feeling “put together”. I wanted to share my top ten tips and what has worked best for me! Let me know if you have anything that works great for your family!

1.Have A Place For Everything 

Knowing everything has a “home” is a game changer and makes things extremely easy to maintain. If you need a catch all space, designate a drawer or specific area for those things!

2. Pick Up As You Go

This really does help avoid a huge mess at the end of the day or week. I have my son pick up the area he was playing in before moving onto another activity or leaving the house. I also do this with the kitchen and meal times!

3. Zone Your Home

This is a mental shift when trying to tackle cleaning or de-cluttering certain areas. Breaking up your house or living space into smaller areas, helps you create realistic goals and feel successful!

4. Create Family Responsibilities

My husband and I have naturally created our responsibilities over the years. Of course, we always help the other person when asked or needed, but we both have certain “chores” that we tackle individually. We also hold our 19 month old responsible to things such as cleaning up toys, putting clothes in the hamper, taking out dirty diapers, throwing trash away, and getting his cup/plate, etc for meal time. He LOVES being a big helper!

5. Keep Things Simple

The simpler the better.

6. Clean Out 1-2 Times Per Year

This really helps me re-evaluate our things every year with a fresh perspective. I zone our house for this, and try and re-organize or donate what we haven’t used or needed. It’s amazing what can accumulate in just a year!

7. Create Systems That Work For Your Family

Try things out and see what works best for you! We all operate differently and have to find what works the best for our family and home.

8. Keep What You Actually Need/Use

We really try to not keep things that we will never use or need so that we can have space to store the things that matter!

9. Put The House To Bed

Go to bed with a tidy home, wake up with a tidy home.

10. Stay Consistent 

The more you practice, the easier it gets, and eventually it will become a habit/routine. Just start somewhere!





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