Travel Prep For Solo Trips

I recently went to visit my best friend and started thinking about what I like to prep or get done prior to a trip without the boys. Since I stay home, there are many things that I naturally take care of for our family. I personally like to make things as easiest as possible for my husband when I am gone. I thought I would share my standard prep for those who are wanting to stay organized prior to travel. I would love to know anything you like to do!


I am still exclusively breastfeeding our younger son, so I have to make sure I have plenty of milk for him. I have a comfortable freezer stash where I do not pump on a daily basis. However I do like to pump the 4 days prior to leaving to already have those bottles ready to go in the fridge (less prep time in warmer). I will then place all of the needed freezer bags in the fridge the day before, and bag the remainder of the days in the freezer so the guess work is taken out for my husband.

I also like to leave out the breastmilk guidelines as well as some “extra” milk bags if our son wants a top off!

2.Bottles + Pump

Along with the milk I make sure I have out all of the bottles and correct nipple sizes. I make sure the part container is in the dishwasher and I put out the drying rack and bottle warmer so it’s ready to go.

I also bag and organize all my pumping things. I shared some tips on flying and pumping here. I flew again this trip, however checked a bag. I kept my pump and parts for one pumping session with me on the way there and added my lunchbox with frozen milk/ice packs on the way home. The rest of the items I kept in my checked bag.

3.Meals + Snacks

I like to make a grocery run prior to leaving so the boys have everything they need for meals and snacks. My husband likes to have easy meals to cook so I will write out the dinners we discussed and have our staple items stocked. I also like to bring snacks with me in the car or on a flight. I also went ahead and shopped for the week so I didn’t have to go Sunday when I returned.


I personally like to have our laundry done prior to a trip, so I only have a light load when I return. I feel like coming home from a trip is already hectic so I personally like to eliminate as many chores as possible.

5.Vaccum + Pick Up

If you know me you know I love things being organized and clean in my own home. I like to vacuum and tidy up before I leave so there is less to do when I get home (more time for a nap).

As always, sending light and love.




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