Family Systems & Organization: Spring Cleaning 2021

This week, I am tackling our monthly deep clean as well as starting to spring clean and declutter before brother gets here. I have shared some information on how I clean our home through zones. You can check that out here: Monthly Cleaning Schedule & Zone Cleaning. I have also shared some tips on decluttering your space if that is something you have been wanting to do ( Top 3 Decluttering Tips).

Today I wanted to share some systems and organization things we personally have in place that make cleaning and cleaning out much easier for me. I would love to know anything your family has in place!

1.Paper System

I use personal binders for each member of the family with important documents and information that we need to keep (different sections within each binder). We also have a home binder with important documents that we can pass down to the next owner when applicable. When I declutter I go through each binder and shred papers no longer needed. It is so nice having a designated space for papers, because that is something that can easily pile up fast! I will share what that looks like on my Instagram this week (the_bridwells)!

2. Pantry System

I know having a nice pantry is popular right now and people are making that a priority in their homes. Although ours is nothing elaborate or over the top, it is organized in a way that is easy for all family members to use and access. Having some type of system helps me to continuously see what we have or what we need.

3.Catch All Space/System

We are all going to have things that don’t have a place or may be a bit random, which is totally okay. Designating a certain space for those items will help to not feel so overwhelmed. We have a dresser in our closet where the bottom drawer is our designated “random” space. Although we do go through it a couple of times a year, it still stays an accumulation of random items we want to keep but don’t have a place for.

4.Kid Systems

If you have children, you know their stuff can accumulate quickly! My son flew through clothes the first couple of years (wore a 5T by age 3) and I constantly had to update his clothes. We kept everything in labeled bins that we stored in the attic, which I am now so thankful to have for little brother. I also keep an ongoing toy bin in in our linen closet to store once it is full. You can check out that system here: Toy Cleaning Hack. Having something in place for items helps so much as they change! Also having a system within their own room/playroom helps a ton! Here is how we have our son’s closet organized: Toy Organization.

5.Donate/Sell System

Having a system for things you want to donate or sell will also keep you feeling organized. We have a designated space in the garage where I keep things I am getting rid of. We like do a big donation day and trash day (if applicable) once we have a good amount of items!

BONUS: Garage System

My husband has domain over the garage because it is used for tools. yard care, and his work items. I utilize the attic for my bin storage so leave that space for him. Although I do not organize it on my own, we do have shelves, bins, and areas zoned to keep his things organized. If it starts to feel cluttered we will have a garage family day and reassess/organize things together!

What are some areas you have systems for or like to keep organized?

As always, sending light and love!




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