Finding Balance Within Health & Wellness

I was talking to a friend the other day about health, wellness, body love, and pregnancy. You can check out her wellness programs here: Gretchen Gegg. We were discussing how difficult it can be to find the “balance” within health and how much mental work goes into reaching that place. I feel like we are constantly consuming what “health” should look like, especially with social media. Although social media is amazing in so many ways, it can also be crippling when it comes to self love and overall well being.

Although I am no expert, I do feel like I have finally reached a place of “balance” and perspective when it comes to health and wellness. I wanted to share some things we talked about that have helped us reach that place!

You can also check out my thoughts on food/nutrition here: Balanced Eating & No Diet Lifestyle .

1.Daily Affirmations

When I was a fitness instructor one big rule of thumb was “fake it till you make it”, which simply meant no matter what you were personally going through, your job was to show up. I applied that same mentality to teaching and think it can be such a powerful tool.

Completely loving ourselves isn’t an easy task. I’m sure many of us could list multiple things we want to change, yet struggle to list what we appreciate or like. Creating daily affirmations and repeating those to yourself day in and day out will train your brain to believe what you are saying. Eventually you will begin to feel those words, and then live by them. Like with anything else, it takes consistency and time, but is so worth it.

2. Flexibility

I feel like our society has told us we either have to be all in or it’s a wash. Whether it’s a workout program, nutrition plan, or personal development goal we only see the follow through of people going through it. We rarely see the moments of failure which gives us an unrealistic lens to what life like. Being flexible with the goals you set and habits you create (or want to create) will help you keep the bigger picture in mind. Not every day is going to be a perfect day and that is OKAY.

3.Big Picture

Keeping the big picture in mind will continuously give you perspective on your overall health. As humans, we are going to naturally fluctuate with the way we physically look. That is simply part of life with the different seasons we experience. Looking a certain way will come and go, but feeling a certain way can stay the same. When you focus on fueling your mind and body with what it needs you will in turn feel your best.

What are some things that have helped you create or maintain balance? I would love to know!

As always, sending light and love.




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