Don’t Forget The Moms

My husband and I were talking the other night about brother being here and newborn life in general. As we were talking, we started discussing how easy it is for people to forget about everything women go through during labor and postpartum because all the focus and attention is on the new baby. I am ALL about the baby check ins and love, however I think it is so important to not forget about the Moms during such a crucial time for them personally and with their family. It truly is incredible what the human body is capable of, and no matter what type of birth a women experiences, it is a lot!

I wanted to share some thoughts and things we discussed to keep in mind if you know someone who is expecting or recently had a little one! I would love to know anything that surprised you during labor or postpartum that you weren’t expecting.

  • The newborn/postpartum stage is HARD no matter how well someone seems to be doing
  • Women take 10 months to create life and are expected to bounce back a few weeks after birth which is just simply unrealistic.
  • Not only is a woman’s body trying to go back to “normal” but it is also healing from whatever type of labor they experienced, surging with hormones, and trying to balance back out as a whole.
  • Labor is intense and women are trying to heal their own bodies while putting their babies before their own needs.
  • Hormone changes can last for months and be overwhelming at times.
  • Sleep deprivation is real and not fun.
  • Breastfeeding comes with a whole other set of body changes, adjustments, and challenges.
  • Moms are trying to find their groove with their baby and family. Almost all moms are doing what they feel is best for their personal situation and life which should be supported.
  • Mom brains do not have a magic off switch.
  • New moms will most likely be experiencing a ton of emotions and new anxieties. Sometimes we can make it worse instead of better.
  • There may be new boundaries that women feel comfortable with after becoming a parent which is totally okay!

If you know someone who recently had a little one, I encourage you to check in on them! I know it is always appreciated to know you are being thought of during a learning and adjusting season. Don’t forget about those Mammas!

As always, sending light and love!




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