Transition From 1-2 Kids

We are coming up on three weeks with our littlest love, and truly enjoying every second. I have mentioned how my mindset and emotions have been much better this time around here: Recovery: Baby 2. Even though the exhaustion has kicked in from the long nights, I am beyond grateful for this time and season with both of our boys.

For me personally, the transition from 1-2 has been much easier than 0-1 simply because I know what to expect and have the perspective I lacked with our first. I am not crippled by anxiety or sorting through a ton of emotions with our second like I expected. I am also not making any major life changes/decisions like I was when deciding to stay home after our first. My mental and emotional state are in such a good and joyful place, which has made a huge difference in the transition.

Entertaining a three year old while taking care of a newborn can be challenging to figure out. Since it is a learning process, I am allowing us this time to just be and not placing any pressure on myself on things we “should” be doing. We have naturally been finding our groove this week with just the three of us and I know we will get into a routine soon.

40 Weeks

I thought I would share some things that have personally helped with our family and the transition. I would love to know anything that worked well for you!

  • Prepare older sibling as much as you can before baby depending on their age
  • Give gift to older sibling from new sibling to make them feel special
  • Block out 1:1 time with each sibling every day…it does not have to be long but undivided attention
  • Praise older sibling for any way they help and communicate how much you appreciate them
  • Let your older child feel the emotions they are feeling and support them
  • Have something for just your older child to participate in and look forward to
  • Talk to your older child and explain things to them
  • Keep 2-3 things consistent from routine before baby to provide a sense of stability with older sibling (ex: bath, bed, lessons, etc)
  • Divide and conquer with spouse
  • Ask for help where you feel you truly need it (ex: playing with older sibling, meals, etc)
  • Continue to do something for yourself every day ( ex: walk, skincare, journal, etc)

As always, sending light and love.




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