Favorite Toddler Games

Our son recently turned four and is very interested in playing games. My husband and I enjoy playing with him and spending time together as a family. We are not ones to let him win just because, so he is definitely learning how to lose gracefully along with other valuable lessons. I thought I would share five of our current favorites or go tos for this age. I would love to know yours!


I would definitely start with this before Sorry or other board games. It is very simple for children and easy to “roll” the dice and participate.

2. Chutes And Ladders

This is another great option for spinning numbers and counting! It takes us longer to get through a round of this game because there are so many times you will start over or hit a chute.

3. Kids Sequence

This is another easy and simple option. We love the adult version and have so much fun playing the kids version with our son. We also play with the cards face up so we can help our son if needed.

4. Connect Four

Our son does not have this, however loves to play it with friends. He is receiving it for Valentines day and I am excited to play with him. It is another simple and fun game. The large outdoor game is also fun!

5. Hi Ho Cherry-O

This is another simple game and great for counting (adding on and taking away). The pieces are small so I would recommend not playing with littler ones around!

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As always, sending light and love.




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