Morning Routine 2022

I have shared a few posts discussing my morning routine and things I like to do to set the tone for the day. You can check out my latest post here. I have had to adjust my routine this year with our second son and figure out what works best with both boys. I feel like we are all in our groove which helps me stay consistent and keep a strong routine in place. My goal this year is to create a stronger night routine and be more consistent in that area. I will definitely share what that looks like soon!

I usually take the first hour to myself which helps me get in a good head space and not start my day feeling rushed. I typically will wake up around 530am since my toddler’s clock changes to green at 630am. I will fill up my water to start drinking while the coffee brews and get my things for “quiet time”. I personally drink around 120 ounces of water a day so I like to start first thing in the morning. You can find my top three tips to drinking water here. My favorite water cup is either the 40oz or 50 oz tumbler!

Our youngest son typically wakes up at 6am to nurse and then will go back down. I count this as his morning nap since he is asleep by 7pm at night. Once our youngest is back down I will drink my coffee, read my devotional, journal, and read my bible. I have shared the bible I use and information here and am really enjoying Jesus Calling for my devotional (currently reading Easter version).

Once I finish I will typically read a few pages in my current book and then work on my computer. Our oldest will typically come out exactly at 6:30, however I start “mom mode” at 7:00am. Once it is 7:00 I get everyone fed and ready for the day!

I would love to know what your morning looks like! I am always looking for ways to grow.

As always, sending light and love.




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