Baby Products We Used & Loved

Last week I went through and cleaned out our house. As I was making donation piles, throwing out, and re-organizing,  I couldn’t help but think of how many baby products we had that went unused. It is amazing how much is out there for little ones. The “must have” list as a new Mamma can be extremely overwhelming and sometimes isn’t necessary. Of course, every family and baby are different. I thought I would share 10 items we loved and used a lot while our son was in the baby stage.


Car Seat & Jogger Stroller Combo

  • I really wanted a jogger stroller that the car seat could pop in to when he was itty bitty and I could use as he got older.  I loved what we chose, however we did have to upgrade to a bigger car seat around 16 months when we could have purchased one that grew with him more. We use the same stroller for our daily walks, so I am still happy with our purchase!

Pack N Play

  • We have used this since day 1. Our son slept in the pack in play with the newborn option to make the mattress higher for the first 3 months in our room. We now take it on all travel trips and continue to get our use out of it!

Sleep Sacks

  • Our son has loved sleep sacks since the beginning. He never liked to be swaddled and would break out every time we tried, so this worked well for us. He continues to use one for naps and night time.


  • If you plan to nurse, pumping helps so much with giving you a break or allowing some freedom. I used the Medela and ordered extra parts on Amazon so I had back-up, which was nice to have on hand.

Hands Free Bra (if pumping)

  • Game changer with pumping and still getting things done, especially at work!

Door Jumper

  • Our son LOVED to move and was obsessed with bouncing. I loved how easy it was to move around the house so he could watch us, and it was very easy to travel with if we wanted to.

Stationary Activity Center

  • This was his morning activity for months and he loved it. It was also nice to use while I cooked or needed to get something done really quick.

Baby Carrier

  • Carrying your baby is so fun! There are so many different brands, it honestly is just personal preference.

Easy Audio/Video Monitor

  • I quickly learned all I cared about was being able to hear him and see him. I never used any other option that was on ours.

White Noise Machine

  • We had a white noise lamb we could bring with us and strap on to the stroller or car seat when needed to help calm. We now use a small fan for white noise during naps/nights and take it with us when we travel.


What are or were some of your favorite products when your child was little?  I would love to know your staples! 


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