10 Thoughts Before Baby #2

In a week I will be in my last trimester which doesn’t even feel real. I will post my second trimester recap soon, but wanted to share some thoughts with baby two getting closer to being here. Even though we are beyond excited to welcome another boy into our family, there are still worries and fears that I naturally have going from 1 to 2 littles, as well as entering the newborn stage again.

I feel like people don’t talk enough about the emotions, thoughts, feelings, and hardships that come along with motherhood. I will be the first to say that although it truly is the greatest blessing, it is also THE hardest job I have ever had.

I would love to know anything that helped you transition from 1 to 2 or things you wish you knew!

Baby 2 Thoughts

1.How will I love another child as much as my son?

2.Will our son be jealous or embrace brother and our new family dynamic? How will he be as a big brother?

3.Will I have enough energy (and patience) to devote to both boys all day every day…including nights.

4.How am I going to keep up with a toddler on little sleep?

5.Will I have as much post partum anxiety this time around or be okay since I have a better understanding and perspective?

6.How am I going to make sure each boy feels super loved and special?

7.What’s our day to day going to become, especially needing more routine in those first few months?

8.How will the bond with my older son change since we do everything together?

9.Will I have another great experience breastfeeding or will that become a new challenge?

10.Will the birth and recovery be as relaxed as the first time around or more difficult?

Although these thoughts don’t keep me up at night, they do cross my mind on multiple occasions. I think it is totally normal to be anxious and excited of the unknown. The biggest thing I learned with our older son was that you truly don’t know what your life will be like until you are in it and experiencing it. You have to do what works for you when it comes to children and parenting, and that looks totally different for everyone!

As always sending light and love!




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