Top 5 Health Goals Postpartum

Our littlest love is ten months this week, and it doesn’t even seem possible. I can’t believe I am starting to think of his first birthday! He is becoming more independent by the day and changing so much. He is still exclusively breastfeeding along with solids so my main focus and priority throughout this time as been to keep my body nourished with plenty of food and water. I am so thankful to be able to breastfeed because it encourages me to focus on what matters regarding health and wellness. I thought I would share what I have been focusing on postpartum and my top priorities during this time. I would love to know yours!


I have shared multiple times that we are huge water drinkers. I personally drink around 120 ounces a day and feel a huge difference if I am not hydrated!


I have been in seasons of counting calories, following plans, or restricting certain foods and it was not fun. I learned whenever I place any type of box around food my mental health takes a toll. I am now at a place where I eat to feel good and fuel my body with nourishment.


We sleep trained our son around 4.5 months and really honor our night time routine. Both of our boys go down around 7pm and my husband and I turn our lights off at 10pm. I have made an effort to turn off any screen by 9pm, which has made such a difference. I usually will take my shower and read the last hour and really enjoy that time.

4.Quiet Time

I love starting my mornings in a good mental space and really value having uninterrupted time. Our son wakes up between 5-6am to nurse and goes back down after (I count it as a morning nap). I stay up once I put him down to have coffee and do my devotional/journal. Having that time is so needed!


I have really been striving to move my body in whatever way feels good and not put any pressure on what working out “should” look like. Some days I focus on flexibility and mobility while others I lift or go on a long walk. It really differs depending on what my body is needing.

What are some of your goals?

As always, sending light and love.




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