Amazon Products We Use Daily

As I was making an Amazon order the other day, I thought about all of the products that we have ordered over the years and use on a regular basis and love! I have shared a few Amazon finds that you can check out here: Amazon Toddler Finds, Amazon Christmas Finds , Amazon Educational Materials. I thought I would share some items that our family uses every day that I have not posted about before. I would love to know any of your favorites!

1.Water Bottles

We have a few different bottles that we love, but I have really been into ones with a straw and handle for around the house (the 40oz fits in the car) and my husband has really enjoyed having a large one to keep for days he is not home! We have all the ones linked below!


I have ordered these sheets in multiple sizes and love them! They are seriously so soft for such a great price!

3.Nursing PJs

These pajamas have been awesome for middle of the night feedings and make it so easy! I wore them to the hospital and have basically worn them every night since. I recommend sizing up for comfort.

4.Smoothie Blender

If you know our family personally, you know we are big smoothie drinkers and love having them for breakfast. This has by far been our favorite for smoothies and is so convenient. We have tried using a bigger blender for smoothies, and the consistency isn’t as good in our opinion.


We LOVE having a fan for white noise at night and even travel with one. Our toddler also loves a fan at night and is a staple in our household. Below is our favorite brand! We have both and love each.

6.Coffee Maker

We are huge coffee drinkers and love our morning ritual. This has been one of my favorite makers because we have the option of making a full pot or doing the k cup. We enjoy using the pot to set on a timer and k cups when company is in town for other drink options!

7.Portable White Noise

Our son loves white noise and easily calms down with this. I use it every time we venture out and clip it on to his car seat. It has been amazing!


I have shared an IGTV over the Bible I am currently reading through and love. You can check out that video here. I have really enjoyed it and highly recommend!


With the warmer weather here, I am wearing my slides every day. I absolutely love the Adidas Aqua slides and used them during my hospital stay (only shoes I brought). You do have to break them in for one to two wears, but then they are good to go!

10.Color Changers

These are so fun for kids to use during their bath. We do different combinations to explore making new colors, and our son loves it!

I would love to know your favorites!

As always, sending light and love!




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