Teaching & Travel: Top 5 Tips

I can not believe I am approaching three years of online teaching! I honestly don’t know where the time goes. You can read more about my story with making that transition and decision here: Classroom Teacher to Online. You can also check out more posts under the teaching tab or videos on my YouTube that cover different online teaching topics!

Today I wanted to share some things I have learned teaching and traveling. I love that online teaching provides flexibility with last minute plans or the option to work in different locations if needed. It works so well with the season I am currently in, which I am thankful for!

I am always available to answer any questions you may have. There are so many great companies and platforms now, it really is amazing!

1.Have An Internet Plan

When you travel there can be a lot of unknowns, especially when it comes to internet. Having a plan in place for internet issues will help eliminate any extra stress. I can personally teach from my IPAD, so in many cases I have used the hotspot on my phone and taught from there. You could also invest in a personal hotspot or anything along those lines.

2.Note Any Time Changes

If you are traveling somewhere with a different time zone, make sure you know class times for that area prior to going. My bookings page is always in my current time zone (central), so if I travel it does not change based off my location. Know your schedule ahead of time and be prepared!

3.Let Your Students Know

If you are in a new place, let your students know what is happening. Depending on the platform, parents may get upset if there are any external distractions or an unprofessional background. If you are upfront and honest they are more understanding!

4.Keep It Simple

I feel like it is so easy to overcomplicate things. When you are traveling, I feel like keeping things simple is the best when it comes to lessons, classes, background, props, etc. You can still give 100% and deliver a great lesson with out all of the extras!

5.Only Bring Essentials

Only pack essentials for your classes. You truly do not need alot! Here are my top 5 essentials…

As always, sending light and love!




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