Top Nursery Items

I recently shared items we plan to use with our second baby that we already have and love, as well as what we plan to purchase. You can check out that post here: Second Pregnancy Wishlist Items. Today I wanted to share my top nursery items and what feels necessary with our second. There are so many products on the market, it truly can be overwhelming and just too much. Although I love a good Pinterest nursey room, we like to stay as practical and simple as possible since things change so fast with little ones! Aside from the necessary crib/dresser, here are my top must haves!

I would love to know your top items !

1.Wipeable Changing Pad/ Diaper Station

Although changing pads can be pretty with different covers, it becomes extremely unrealistic with the amount of diaper and clothing changes that newborns experience (hello blowouts). Purchasing something that is easy to wipe/clean is a time saver and makes things easy! Also having your changing materials in the top drawer of the dresser makes things convenient and easy. You could purchase drawer dividers if you want to organize/separate within the drawer or just naturally separate items.

Things we kept in our diaper station were diapers, wipes, cream, diaper bags, and lotion!


I didn’t know how much I would use my glider but wow did I spend a lot of time there! I nursed there for mornings, nap, and bedtime, as well as read books, sang songs, or rocked during the middle of the night wake ups. There are so many options, it truly is personal preference. I also recommend having a side table and light near the chair!


I am sure everyone purchases a camera at this point, but it definitely is one of my top items! You really don’t need anything fancy or expensive to get the job done. I don’t even use half the features so simple can be better!

4.Noise Machine/Fan

My husband and I love to sleep with a stand up fan for white noise. When our son was in our room for the first four months he got used to a fan sound at night. We purchased a small fan for his room as “sound machine” and still use to this day. I know there are great sound machines on the market, however a fan was most practical for us long term!

5.Organizational Systems

If you know me personally, you know I can not stand clutter or things not having a place. Creating systems within the nursery are not only helpful for you, but also family members. It is so nice to be able to tell my husband exactly where to look when he needs something! Things I created spaces for in the nursey included changing station, clothing, blankets/sleep sacks/burp cloths, books, and toys. All hygiene/medicine items I kept organized in the bathroom closet.

Bonus: Thicker Rug/Carpet

Having something comfortable for your baby to lay on during play time or tummy time is so nice. It is also nice when they become mobile and take many hits/falls.




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