Wellness Habits 2019

The past year I have really made it a priority to focus on my overall health. Becoming pregnant allowed me to shift my mindset and approach to wellness, which I am extremely grateful for. In January I created goals that were specific to different health components. I wanted to encourage myself to create new habits in my daily life, especially with being a new mom and finding the balance in it all. Although the changes may seem small, they have made a huge impact! I wanted to share my top habits for physical, mental and spiritual health. I will share emotional, financial, and social in another post!

What are some wellness habits you have created or implemented that are successful in your life? I always love trying new things to expand and grow! If you want to know more in depth how I practice certain habits, please feel free to reach out!

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Top 5 Habits: Physical Wellness

  1. Exercise Routine/Plan
  2. Weekly Meal Plan/Prep (Meal Planning)
  3. Water
  4. Balanced Eating & Nutrition Mindset (Eating Mindset)
  5. Preventative Health Appointments (Appointments)

Top 5 Habits: Mental Wellness 

  1. Daily Gratitude
  2. Daily Personal Development
  3. Daily Affirmations
  4. Quiet Time
  5. Nightly Reading

Top 5 Habits: Spiritual Wellness

  1. Morning Prayer
  2. Gratitude Mindset
  3. Bible Study
  4. Volunteer
  5. Give

Additional Posts: Daily Habits & Morning Routine







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