10 Items I Am Currently Loving In 2022 (Amazon)

I don’t know about you, but we use Amazon for almost everything. It is so convenient for me to use with small kids, and is a way to keep track of items we are interested in. We keep a family wish list that we share with loved ones to provide gift ideas for any occasion, which has been amazing!

I have shared some favorites in different areas you can check out here: Amazon Health Finds, Amazon Clothing Finds, Amazon Hubby Finds, Amazon Toddler Finds, Amazon Christmas Finds, Toddler Educational Materials Part 1, Toddler Educational Materials Part 2, and Amazon Products We Use Daily.

I thought I would share some current favorites and items I am loving. I would love to know any of your reccomendations!

1.Festive Earrings

I am not a jewelry person aside from my rings and watch, however I do love wearing a fun pair of earrings. Amazon has some great prices for fun, statement earrings…especially for holiday!

2.Mama Sweater

I love this sweater because it is lightweight and can be worn with athletic clothes, or jeans. I sized up!


We have really been trying to incorporate one new recipe a week so see what meals we can add to our list and rotation. We are loving this cookbook. The meals are so simple but really tasty!

4.Step Stool

My husband got this for me as a Christmas gift, and I swear I use it every day. It is the perfect size and easily folds up. Our toddler also uses is to help out in the kitchen and can set it up himself!

5.Pasta/Salad Bowls

We were gifted these from our list and absolutely love them. They are perfect for pasta and salads because you can actually mix ingredients up and see everything without them being too deep. We constantly reach for them!

Stay tuned for more favorites and items we use!

As always, sending light and love.



*Links are affiliate links. I appreciate the support!


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