5 Things I Do Before A Trip

We recently enjoyed our annual trip with my husband’s family at the lake. As I was getting us ready, I began thinking about what I like to do before we go out of town. I personally like to come home not feeling stressed or have a mile long to do list before the week starts. I thought I would share my top five today. You can also check out how I plan and pack for our family here: Family Packing: Planning & Family Packing: Go Tos.

I would love to know anything you do!

1.Clean Out Fridge

Anytime we leave before a trip, we try and finish up or eat anything that will go bad. We are not ones to waste anything during a “typical” week, however we make an extra effort if we know we will be gone. Usually we will do some type of stir fry or pasta to use up all of our vegetables and meat!


I like to wash everything I can prior to vacation so I have less to do when we return. I also like to wash our bedding so we have clean sheets (there is just something about it). If I can, I will do laundry where we are staying to eliminate a ton of clothes when we return. It truly makes such a difference.


I prefer coming home to our house clean and put together. I like to vacuum the house the day before we leave so it is nice when we return.

4.Tidy Up

Just like with vacuuming, I also like to make sure everything is tidy and put away. There is just something about coming home to a clean/tidy home after a trip! You can read more about maintaining a tidy home here.

5.Snack Prep

I always make sure we have a ton of snacks for the car, flight or our destination (if needed). I have a bag designated for food and it truly is a game changer with kiddos!

What are some things you like to do before hand?

As always, sending light and love!




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