Baby Wellness Checks 3-9 Months: What To Expect

Our son recently had his nine month appointment, so I thought I would share an update on wellness visits and what to expect with each. I shared what to expect with wellness checks from 0-2 months, which you can check out here. I feel like it is always nice to have a general idea of what each appointment may look like that first year.

Wellness Check #5: Four Months

Once again your baby will complete a physical wellness check. Prior to the appointment you will fill out a questionnaire regarding your baby and developmental stages. You will discuss sleep, feeding, safety and any additional concerns. Your doctor may also discuss introducing purees at this appointment. Your baby will receive vaccinations at the end of the appointment (exact same as 2 month) with the nurse.

Wellness Check #6: Six Months

This appointment is the exact same as the four month appointment, including vaccinations. The big discussion will be introducing table foods and addressing questions, concerns, and recommendations.

Wellness Check #7: Nine Months

This appointment is similar to other wellness checks with the physical exam and developmental questionnaire. The main difference is there are no vaccinations at the end of the appointment. The main discussion topics include food and safety since your child will typically begin crawling around this age.

What surprised you most with doctor visits or appointments? I would love to know!

As always, sending light and love.




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