Toddler Routines: 3 Years Old

As our toddler has been adjusting to big brother life, I have been so thankful for our routines that we have in place for him. It is a big transition in his world and I am so glad he has things that provide consistency and normalcy. I have shared some of our family routines and my thoughts on them that you can check out here: Why I Value Routines. I thought I would share some of his current routines at age three. I would love to know anything that works well for your family or kids!


I am sure many families have a bedtime routine that they do. I personally feel that morning and night are so important to bookend the day with consistency and stability for kids. Our toddler starts his routine at 7pm and is in bed at 8pm. He typically starts cleaning up his toys and room 30 minutes before. His routine includes…

7:00-7:20pm: IPAD Songs (he gets screen time for lunch and at night) & Snack

7:20-7:40pm: Bath (my husband and I alternate bath time)

7:40-7:50pm: Reading (2 books of choice…usually 1 is our library book)

7:50-8:00pm: Brush Teeth, Bathroom, Bible, Prayer, Songs, Affirmations

2.Wake Up Clock

We started implementing a wake up clock around 2 years so our son could learn when it was morning and night time. We absolutely love it for consistency on sleep times and expectations. Our toddler has also learned what he can do if he wakes up early (before it turns green) such as potty, brush teeth, get vitamins/squeeze pouch and play in room.

3. Lunch/Nap

Lunch is probably our son’s favorite time of the day because he gets to watch a show of his choice. He has learned to put up all his toys prior, use the restroom, and help put his lunch together. He does his nap directly after and typically naps for 1.5 hours.

Additional routines include family dinner time, car loading/unloading, and toy/room expectations. You can check out my toy organization here. I would love to know anything you do!

As always, sending light and love.




4 thoughts on “Toddler Routines: 3 Years Old

    1. We started when he was about 2! I feel like whenever they are ready, it is great to incorporate! That is wonderful…so happy you have found a successful routine for your family!


  1. My 3.5 year old finally realized he could climb out of bed and leave his room on his own! I went straight back to this post because I remembered you posted a picture of the clock you used! Ordered it today and hoping it works! I think it’s cute that it comes with a book to explain too. Thanks!

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