Third Trimester Workouts

I recently shared a week of workouts on my IGTV which you can check out here. I thought I would share last week’s workouts and what exercise is currently looking like for me at 35 weeks pregnant. I have mentioned before that my main goal during pregnancy is simply movement. I am not placing any expectations on myself or setting unrealistic standards/goals during this season since my goal is simply overall health for me and brother.

I am definitely feeling it more as we get closer and brother grows! I try to continue to move my body in a variety of ways, however am doing what essentially feels good for that day and listening to my body. I would love to know any workouts you enjoyed during pregnancy or anything you are currently doing!

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Third Trimester Workouts

Monday: 35 minutes- Full Body Strength

Tuesday: 30 minutes- Mixed Cardio (interval training)

Wednesday: 30 minutes- Upper Body

Thursday- 40 minutes- Outside Walk

Friday-30 minutes- Lower Body & 45 minutes- Outside Walk

Saturday- 30 minutes- Total Body Cardio (cardio with light weights) & 30 minutes- Outside Walk

Sunday- 60 minutes- Outside Walk

We are trying to take advantage of the cooler weather and daylight during the evenings, so I have definitely enjoyed walking (minus the swelling). I plan to add in more yoga as my back is starting to bother me and continue to do what feels good!

As always, sending light and love!




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