Second Trimester Recap: Baby 2

I have shared some posts with my second pregnancy covering different topics. You can check those out here: 1st Trimester Essentials, Pregnancy & Exercise, 2nd Pregnancy Wishlist, Top Nursery Items, Prenatal Appointments: 1st Half, Body Love During Pregnancy, and 10 Thoughts Before Baby 2.

Today I wanted to give a second trimester recap and my experience with this pregnancy since I am officially in my third! I will say the second trimester has been amazing for both pregnancies, which I am so grateful for. For me personally, it is a period where I feel like myself again, my energy is back, I don’t have food aversions, and I am not to the point of complete discomfort. I have had a great 3 months and feel so thankful for another wonderful experience!

Overall I have had a pretty relaxed trimester. I have been able to workout 5-6 times a week which I am so thankful for, and hope to continue to move my body consistently the remainder of pregnancy. Around week 15 my belly popped which was SO much sooner than the first time around (around 22 weeks). I felt movement around 16 weeks, which is always the best feeling and so neat to see how it changes from little flutters to full on jabs and kicks! We had our anatomy scan at week 20 where we found out we were having another little boy, and were absolutely thrilled! I told my husband with my first pregnancy I felt like I was made to be a boy mom, so I am beyond excited to raise another!

One new symptom I experienced was my hands falling asleep at night, just from lack of blood flow. There were quite a few nights it would wake me from my sleep. My husband felt movement around 21 weeks and since then little brother has been non stop! He is way more active than big brother was and definitely likes to wake his Momma up! I had my glucose test at 24 weeks and my TDAP shot which caused some nausea and fatigue for a few days but nothing major. Other than that I still go to the bathroom 2389043809523805 times a day (especially at night when brother is extremely low) and avoid any sudden coughs or sneezes…

I am now going every 2 weeks instead of every 4, which is exciting! We will have one more big sonogram before brother is here, and I am so grateful my husband has been able to go with me to those! We are getting so excited to meet brother and love on him!

As always sending light and love.



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