PM Routine

I recently shared the importance of systems and routines in my post 10 Things That Help Me “Adult”. I also shared a glimpse of our morning routine that you can catch here: Morning Routine. Today I wanted to share what my PM routine looks like. I personally like having small routines/rituals that I can look forward to each day to “book end” everything in between. Morning and evening routines do not have to be anything complex! They can be simple things to look forward to that give you the space to make yourself a priority.

I would love to know anything that is part of your PM routine or if you are wanting to start one!


Family Dinner

We are big on having dinner at the table with no distractions. It is such a valuable time to be together as a family and connect over a nice meal.

Next Day Prep

I have shared how I like to “prep” anything for the next day, so I am not scrambling in the morning to get things done. You can check out more here: Putting The House To Bed

Toddler Bed Time Routine 

We are very structured with our son’s bedtime not only for him, but also for us! His routine includes bath, brushing teeth, book, affirmations, prayer, and songs. He has also learned that when his clock turns read that means he is in his bed for the night. It is so nice having that consistency of adult time/alone time!

Shower/Skin Care

There is nothing better than a hot shower at the end of the day and having the time to do some self care. Skin care may not be anything fancy, but it is something I definitely look forward to each night along with anything else I am wanting to do (ex: wash/dry hair, nails, etc..)

Hubby Time 

My husband and I typically have a show we are watching together and will watch an episode or two. If not we will do something else like a puzzle or movie!


I try to read 1-2 chapters before bed to calm my mind and prepare for sleep.


What are some things you currently do or are trying to implement?




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