Budgeting/Stress Free Holiday Spending Tips

If you know me, you know my Christmas shopping usually starts around September. It may seem way too early, but for me it has worked great with budgeting, spreading spending out, and having a stress free December. I absolutely love Christmas time and want to soak it in and be present for all the precious moments with our son. The last thing I want to do is be stressed out over purchasing gifts and take away from the meaning and reason for the season.

Today I thought I would share how I spread my purchases out and how I keep track of things. I know this is not for everyone, but it may be something to consider if shopping is something stressful each year.

Are you an early shopper or last minute shopper? I would love to know!

1.Make a List

Decide what people your family is purchasing gifts for. Write their names down with the amount you are spending next to their name. This will automatically show you how much money you are allocating towards gifts. If you need to budget, you can easily make a plan. If not, you are just more aware of what you are actually spending on gifts. Under their name write any ideas you have for them or what you are wanting to purchase.

Example (not actual list)

2.Make A Plan

Decide what system words best for you with spreading gifts out. You could purchase a couple each month, one each paycheck, or prioritize based off family needs/circumstances. Our family alternates Thanksgiving and Christmas each year with our parents/siblings. Since we are spending this Christmas with my in-laws, I will bring all of my family’s gifts with us to Thanksgiving so they have it for the holidays. Because I do this on my off years, I always prioritize their gifts first.

3.Keep Track Of Purchases

As you purchase items update your main list so you can see what you have purchased and what you are still needing. For example, if I have an item left to finish someone’s gift I will highlight it. If I am finished with that person I will note that they are done. You can also update the dollar amount to the actual amount spent!

Having your family create Amazon wish lists can be extremely helpful when it comes time to shop. It has made purchasing gifts even more stress free because I already know what our siblings like and would want (as well as prices).

Happy shopping!




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