10 Gifts For The Golf Lover

For those of you who know my husband personally, you know he is an avid golfer. He loves anything related to the sport and tries to sneak in rounds when he can. I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas that have been a hit over the years. I would love to know any other ideas!

1.Gloves & Balls

There are so many options for both, so it really depends on personal preference. My husband loves the MG Elite gloves and Pro V1 balls.

2.Range Finder

This a a great gift for those who want to know exact yardage or distance. They are great because they also have magnets that can easily attach to the golf cart. The Bushnell is my husband’s favorite (we have had a few).

3.Launch Monitor

This is definitely a pricey item, however could be a great gift to those who are serious about improving their game. My husband currently has his eye on the Flight Scope!

4.Golf Net

My husband received a golf net last year and loved using it in the back yard. There are many different options and price points which is great. He loves the Rukket one shown below!

5. Hitting Mat

A hitting mat would be a great gift to go along with a net for those who want to practice at home! This also ranges significantly in price and quality.

6. Speaker

A speaker is always nice to have during rounds of golf! We have gotten good use out of ours, and constantly play music!

7. Air Pods

I’m sure most people have air pods at this point, however they are great for the driving range or for a solo round.

8. Putting Mat

A putting mat is a great affordable gift that can be easily stored and used!

9. Custom Shoes

New golf shoes are always a nice gift, especially if they are getting a ton of wear. My husband enjoyed customizing some Foot Joys and having something different and tailored to him.

10. Clothing

I always like buying new pieces for my husband, however he is very particular on the brands and styles he likes. My go tos are shorts, collared shirts, pull overs, jackets and vests!

As always sending light and love.



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