Prenatal Appointments: 1st Half

I recently shared a video discussing the cost of pregnancy for the first 20 weeks. You can check out that video below….

I thought I would piggy back off that video and share what to expect during those first appointments. I discussed some in my first trimester recap, however I thought I would go over each appointment specifically. Both pregnancies have been very similar appointment wise even with different cities and providers. I feel like I had no idea on most of this stuff with my first pregnancy, so I thought it would be fun to share!

I have about a month left of my second trimester, which does not seem real!

1.Scheduling First Appointment

Once you find out you are pregnant you will call a provider of choice and schedule your initial appointment. You will give the date of your last cycle so they can calculate when they want you to come in. Most places will schedule your first appointment anywhere between 6-10 weeks of pregnancy. You will also give your insurance information so they can create a payment plan/finance document to discuss at the appointment.

2.First Appointment

The first appointment is probably the longest one you will go to just because there is so much to get done. When you arrive you will check in and make your first payment. You will either meet with the finance person/department to start your appointment or it will be at the very end. Once they call you back you will do a urine sample and then meet in the sonogram room. Depending on your provider and how far along you are, you will either do a vaginal or belly ultrasound (I have done both…7weeks-belly/10weeks-vaginal). I will say you can see a lot more detail with the vaginal ultrasound.

After your sonogram you typically will head to the doctor’s room and meet with the nurse. You will get your vitals and receive general information (usually a folder of documents). You will wait on the doctor to go over the sonogram and perform a wellness exam as well as discuss any topics/questions you may have.

Once you are done meeting with the doctor you will get your bloodwork done. I have done this at a separate lab and in house (depends on office). You can choose to also schedule separate bloodwork for genetic testing (discuss with doctor). After your bloodwork you will either finish with finances or schedule your next appointment for a month out. All appointments in the beginning are spaced out for every month or 4 weeks.

3.Second & Third Appointment

The next two appointments are pretty straight forward and fast. The second is typically around 12 weeks and the third is around 16 weeks. When you arrive you will check in and make your standard payment. When you get called back you will do a urine sample and then meet with the nurse for vitals. The nurse or doctor will do a doppler for the heartbeat and then you will discuss with the doctor any concerns or questions. When you checkout you will make the next appointment.

4.Fourth Appointment

The fourth appointment (around 20 weeks) is when you schedule your second sonogram for the anatomy scan. When you arrive you will make your typical payment. Once you are called back you will do a urine sample and then head to the sonogram room. The sonogram will be around 20-30 minutes long. The baby will be measured and everything will be looked at by the technician. If you did not receive the gender with the genetic bloodwork, you will find out at this appointment. After the appointment you will meet with your nurse for vitals and the doctor will discuss the sonogram results. When you checkout you will make your next appointment.

For this baby I was given my glucose drink to take before my upcoming appointment along with directions (I did not do that with my first pregnancy). My husband has also been allowed to come to both sonograms (not regular appointments) with COVID.

Some of the next appointments include glucose test, ultrasound, and cervical exams. The length will also decrease from every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks to every week once you get closer to your due date!

Sending light and love!




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